Gratitude & Contributors

Many thanks to all those involved in this project, who continue to work for a safer and more educated community for all. Together we can make change possible. Here are some of the many contributors.

State of Washington Flag.png

State of Washington

We extend gratitude to the Assistant Attorney General of Washington State and the state of Washington, for giving ADAO the opportunity to develop this critical and educational platform. We are beyond grateful for their progressive leaders who have joined the mission of raising awareness about asbestos.



Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency

We are grateful to the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency for their partnership with ADAO in this educational effort to raise awareness about asbestos.


Partners for Prevention Committee

We are thankful for our dedicated "Partners for Prevention" committee who helped guide the development and creation of our cutting-edge digital asbestos prevention toolkit. This committee was critical in the design and implementation of this project. Without these knowledgeable experts and skilled individuals, the creation of the website would not have been possible.